Wing Eyeliner Tips You Need To Know


A few weeks ago I received an email from a lovely girl requesting a Cat Eye tutorial, unfortunately I’ve been having some issues with my camera – already saving for a new one – so, sadly, it was not possible for me to complete it as desired. I decided to post a step by step guide on how I do this eyeliner style everyday, and also provide some tips that have worked for me over the years.

Use fast-sweeping motions | Believe it or not the faster you move the steadier your drawing. So even if your level of expertise isn’t the highest, try to line your eyes with confidence, otherwise you’ll end up with a zig zag line on your eyes.

Watch the edges | If you’re struggling with keeping the edges clean, there’s an old trick you can always rely on… Masking tape! Use the edge of a Scotch tape or business card to trace a flawless wing with your eyeliner. After you’re done, apply some concealer to erase any imperfection.

Practice | Over the years I’ve discovered different techniques and products that worked for me, but more than anything I’ve developed confidence creating this look, it took me some time and a lot of practice. Don’t be afraid of the “trial and error” method.

When creating a wing eye look I usually follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Start by drawing a diagonal line following your bottom lash line.
  2. Draw another line connecting the tip of the first one to the center of you upper lash line.
  3. Continue to line the rest of your upper lash line.
  4. Fill everything in with the liner.
  5. Apply concealer under your eyes.
  6. Clean all edges and rock your look!

What’s your favorite makeup look?

Stephanie, x.