5 Nail Colors Worth Buying


Happy New Year to all of you! As you guys can see, the blog’s design is completely different than it was before, I’ve been working on it a lot for over a month or so, trying to make it more attractive for my readers. I’ve also migrated it from Blogger to WordPress (which I find so much easier) and though it’s been a lot of fun getting to learn and set up all of this, it has definitely taken me longer than I thought.

In this time I’ve had the opportunity of trying out (and rediscovering) different products. So when it comes to nail colors, I gathered up 5 of my lately favorite.

Essie Devil’s Advocate This is probably my number one favorite. It’s a deep blackish plum that complements almost any look. At first it may seem black, but under different lightings you can really appreciate the plum tone.

OPI Dating a Royal Royal blue will always be one of my favorite shades of this color. Blue nails (as well as green) can turn out to be quite hard to style if not used in the right shade, but this one seems very elegant and fashion forward, and at the same time adds some interest and fun to your outfit.

Forever 21 Gold Studs Nail Art Kit |My love for this nail polish was definitely influenced by the holiday season, wheather it was by itself or on top of an actual nail color. I find it quite useful in moments when you feel like spicying up some old colors . This one is part of a Forever 21 nail art kit that includes golden studs, a black and clear nail polish one as well. L-R 1. Essie “The Devil’s Advocate” 2.  OPI “Dating a Royal” 3. Forever 21 “Gold Studs Nail Art Kit” 4. Essie “Sole Mate” 5. OPI “Dulce de Leche”

OPI Dulce de Leche | This is the perfect “everyday color” without turning boring. It’s sort of a peachy mauve nude (if that even makes sense) and I just can’t get enough of it. It seems to be one of those colors that flatter any skintone.
Essie Sole Mate |I rarely use bright red colors, not that I dislike them, just barely get in the mood of using them, so when I think of using “red nails” this is pretty much the color that pops my mind. I know, its burgundy, but works for me. 🙂
What shades are you loving at the moment?

Stephanie, x.