Recipes: Grilled Eggs & Avocado Breakfast

If you ask me, any meal that includes avocado is simply the best! And not only because of its delicious flavor, but also its nutrition facts. 
Avocados have the highest protein content of any fruit, an enormous amount of vitamins, potassium and healthy fat. But probably avocado’s biggest health benefit is that by adding it to certain foods, you can improve your absorption of nutrients. This is why it’s a great breakfast option! 
2 Bread slices (white or whole grain)
1 Large egg
1/4 Piece of avocado
1 Tbsp of Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
1. First | Toast the bread slices, you can do it plain or by adding them a bit of olive oil.
2. Then | Grill the egg (or eggs). I do this for health purposes, that way I won’t have to add any oil. 
One large egg already contains about 213 mg of cholesterol (two-thirds of the recommendation daily limit), so it’s best if you keep it as healthy as possible.  But you can definitely do this with fried eggs if desired. 
3. Finally While the eggs are grilling, smash the avocado and mix it with the olive oil, salt and some pepper. 
Put all the ingredients together and enjoy! You can also sprinkle some pepper on top for decoration. 


Steph x