Amuse Cream Eyeliner

Hey girls! Remember I promised I would show you some eye lining styles using the Amuse Cream Eyeliner? Well here it is!… In one of my older posts you can see I made a “mini haul” where I included this product.

Hola chicas! Recuerdan que les prometí enseñarles algunos estilos de delineado de ojos usando el delineador en pasta o crema de Amuse? Bueno aquí está… En uno de mis posts anteriores pueden ver que hice un “mini haul” en donde incluí este producto.





1. Arabian Style
2. Open wings
3. Drop eye
4. Cat eye

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  1. Kayleigh
    Kayleigh says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog too and for following back,it means alot.I've never tried this type of liner before,I usually use liquid eyeliner,but I really love how you've used it in these different ways.will have to try out these new styles. x

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